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Anaerobic Digestion Plant Enquiry:

If you are interested in an AD facility and would like to enquire about one, please email us using the link below and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we possibly can.  The following is an example of the details we would require:
Full Name
Tel No.
email address
What feedstocks do you have?  Or could make available and approx annual tonnage;
e.g. Maize silage - 11,000 tonnes per annum
What would you like to do with the resultant biogas?
e.g. Electricity to grid - 1MW/hr or biomethane to grid - 5,000M3/day
Any other information you feel relevant.

Email your details here:

Atlas Bioenergy Ltd, Fleetwood House, Albion Close
Slough, Berkshire. SL2 5DT
Tel: 01753 743000 email: