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Wet Fermentation:
Our UK Alliance Partnership with Zorg Biogas AG allows us to offer clients with an extremely competitive, conventional and reliable wet anaerobic fermentation process using "CSTR" technology, well proven in the market place.
As a proven systems integrator, our designs follow a standard design but still remain flexible, giving us an edge with similar systems developed elsewhere in Europe.  Our system comprises of the core technology which has semi-submerged concrete tanks or above ground steel tanks with pitched double membrane gas holding roofs, whichever tanks are chosen customers have the choice of either fully submerged agitators or side mounted agitators. The tanks have exterior lagging and metal cladding, heating coils are attached to the interior of the tanks to maintain the process temperature.
Digester tank controls include: Continuous gas volume measurement, High level protection / foam monitoring, Temperature measurement (multiple) / control, Gas pressure measurement, 
Roof high / low pressure protection.
Depending on the type of feedstocks available and uses for digestate, the upstream handling and loading and downstream digestate handling will change.  A huge variety of solutions are available to choose from.



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